New anti-wear options presented at AMFI workshop - InnoTech Alberta

InnoTech Alberta’s Surface Engineering Team, led by Dr. Gary Fisher, hosted the AMFI Advanced Overlay Materials for the Resource Industry seminar on February 12th.  The one-day event included a review of advanced overlay materials and overviews of advanced hardfacing manufacturing solutions presented by equipment suppliers. 

Dr. Gary Fisher and Johanna Meier, EIT with the Surface Engineering Team, presented results from testing of several novel overlay materials and compared their performance against widely used materials in Alberta’s resource industry.  Commercially available materials tested included Kennametal’s Ultraflex, the Höganäs Rockit® 401 alloy, Fe, Ni-C, and Nb-C based overlays, as well as a diamond-composite laser cladding based solution.  The test results of a high temperature wear and corrosion resistant solution developed in-house by InnoTech Alberta were also included.  The materials’ performance was compared to that of W-Co, C-Co, and hard chrome-based materials.

Advanced Overlay Materials for the Resource Industry presentation by Dr.Gary Fisher.

The materials tested were selected based on consultation with Alberta’s oil and gas operators that highlighted applications where common hardfacing solutions could benefit from improved performance. Solution providers were then consulted on overlay materials that are commercially available but not commonly utilized in Alberta’s resource industry.   Performance testing included analysis of wear and corrosion resistance including under high-temperature conditions.

Hamed Akhiani, Westpower Equipment Ltd.

Manufacturing solutions presented included the digitally enabled Compact Cladding Cell and the cold-metal-transfer (CMT) process by Fronius, the Polyclad family of cladding solutions available from Polysoude presented by MAG Tool of Edmonton, and the Surface One fully automated and self-contained thermal spray coating cell newly available from Oerlikon Metco.  In addition, InnoTech Alberta’s Dr. Tonya Wolfe provided an overview of the additive manufacturing initiative at InnoTech Alberta and an introduction to the Alberta Additive Manufacturing Network.

ProSolve Consulting of Edmonton presented on manufacturing process considerations integrating Industry 4.0 concepts such as the digital twin and the digital thread. They stressed the importance of Canadian manufacturers transitioning towards the digitization of manufacturing to keep pace with competition abroad.

“The solutions we learned about today may not be a perfect fit, but it gives us a starting point from a trusted source. We will use the solutions and customize it to meet our customers’ needs” said Hamed Akhiani, Material and Welding program lead from Westpower, who attended the workshop to learn about potential new hardfacing solutions.  The event garnered great interest from industry with AMFI’s Program Lead, Peter Krzesinski commenting “It was wonderful to see such a great turnout with over 40 companies in attendance.  I am thrilled that AMFI is able to play such an important role in helping expose industry to new manufacturing solutions and accelerate its adoption”.

The Alberta Manufacturing and Fabrication Innovation (AMFI) Program aims to accelerate adoption of advanced manufacturing and fabrication solutions. The program’s focus is on high productivity manufacturing technologies and processes that lead to reduced overall production costs in conjunction with increased quality. The program supports the manufacturing sector across Canada by raising awareness of advanced manufacturing and fabrication methods, by de-risking technologies and processes, and by providing resources and expertise to support the technology adoption process.

The AMFI Program is offered through InnoTech Alberta and is funded by the Alberta Ministry of Economic Development and Trade’s Industry Growth Solutions and the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).