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Francisco Castrillon

Senior Researcher

Professional Bio

M.Sc. Hydrogeology
B.Sc. in Geology

Francisco Castrillon has ample international experience collected from working in hydrogeology in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Spain and the UK. He moved to Alberta in 2013 and has been a consultant in hydrology, hydrochemistry, and isotope tracers since then. He frequently works with clients from industry, municipalities, and government institutions.

Francisco says the most exciting aspect of his work is that at InnoTech Alberta he is able to dive into different techniques that are more tailored to the individual client’s needs with an applied research approach that is not isolated from the problem. He also says that at InnoTech Alberta we have the possibility to connect with other specialties to have in-depth discussion and think through complex problems. His goal is to provide a research angle to the problems client’s face, and provide outside-the-box thinking and solutions.

When not working, Francisco loves the outdoors and spends time skiing and playing squash during winter. During summer, he enjoys playing tennis or hiking.