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  • Alberta collaboration leading the charge on strengthening pharmacy immunization

    Select pharmacies across Alberta are piloting a Pharmacy Immunization Program (PIP), developed by Alberta-based company OKAKI Health Intelligence. The project enables electronic immunization record sharing between pharmacy providers and Alberta Health's Provincial Immunization Registry giving the province a much clearer picture of immunization records.

  • Growth in life sciences includes Tech Futures work

    BioAlberta’s 2014 issue of Biozine features an article on how Alberta’s life sciences industry is flourishing, thanks to efforts by entrepreneurs and those who provide assistance. The Tech Futures Health group is a key player in this field…

  • Happier dreams for people with sleep apnea

    MATRx™ is a unique oral titration system that studies patients while they sleep. The device moves the patient’s jaw, adjusting its movements to optimize breathing. Currently, the MATRx™ system requires an overnight study in a sleep clinic, and is remotely operated by a sleep technician. With financial assistance of $100,000 from Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures, Zephyr obtained the support needed to continue the development of the home-based system technology...

  • Lab-free testing for thyroid disease

    With financial support from Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures through its nanoWorks program, Edmonton-based NanoSpeed initiated work with the Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products (ACAMP). ACAMP helped the company fabricate the microfluidic chip that detects thyroid hormones levels...

  • One small step for Orpyx, giant possibilities for diabetics

    Orpyx developed SurroSense Rx™, an innovative pressure-sensing insole, mobile app and wristband system. Through the shoe insole, the SurroSense Rx™ device collects pressure data from the foot and sends the information wirelessly to a mobile app or wristband display, notifying the patient when pressure-induced damage is occurring. Patients can then adjust their behaviour to avoid severe complications...

  • Nano med-lab shrinks time and costs

    Aquila Diagnostic Systems, based in Edmonton, is poised to revolutionize human and animal health care with its precise and prompt, lab-in-a-box, Domino. The desktop technology promises to empower doctors, veterinarians and livestock producers with on-site, under-an hour analysis of a subject’s genetic characteristics or infectious illness. Domino’s pioneering research began at the University of Alberta, supported by a $5 million award from Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions. The research team then created a spinoff company, Aquila, which found commercialization support from Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures...

  • Benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology

    NMR technology is used by a wide range of industries performing molecular analysis. With a bench top tool, pharmaceutical companies can complete work more immediately at the bench, saving their larger NMR facilities for more complex problem analysis. Nanalysis launched the NMReady™ in the fall of 2012. The company credits the support received from Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures' Industry Associates program and the successes in business development that came from it, for its move into a second round of private investment...

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