Our Teams

Our matrix

InnoTech Alberta operates as a matrix organization, where industry sectors, our functional areas, and our teams are overlapped by worked performed in the capacities of  Applied Research.

Our sectors

InnoTech operates in all main provincial industry sectors, including Environment, Food and Fibre, Health, and Oil and Gas. Supporting area sectors are five functional areas, including Analysis and Testing Services, Ecosystems and Plant Sciences, Materials and Manufacturing, Processing Technologies, and Reservoir and Geosciences. 

Our functional areas

Within our functional areas, teams complete applied research projects according to their areas of expertise across sectors. Our teams include: 

  • Analysis and Testing Services

    • Environmental Analytical Services - Performs analysis of environmental and industrial samples consisting of air, gas, water, soils, sediments, and solids, as well as plant and animal tissue.

    • Fuels and Lubricants - Performs analysis of crude and refined hydrocarbon products to determine chemical and physical composition and evaluate conformity to international standards.

    • Surface Engineering - Develops and deploys surface treatments to improve wear performance resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

  • Ecosystems and Plant Sciences

    • Biodiversity Monitoring - Monitors the state of land, wetlands, and biodiversity in Alberta.

    • Crop Development and Management - Applies molecular, genetic, and microbiological tools to solve problems in abiotic stress, plant disease, and biosafety, related to maximizing grain and fibre yield.

    • Crop Pathology and Biotechnology - Applies genetic, physiological, and agronomic tools to solve problems in abiotic stress, seed and fibre quality, crop adaptation, and adoption of improved production practices to maximize grain and fibre yield.

    • Ecosystem Management - Helps Alberta build sustainable resource management capacity through research, development, and deployment of scientifically valid ecosystem management tools. 

    • Reclamation - Applies science and innovative technologies for restoration of disturbed ecosystems. 

    • Water Management - Provides better tools for investigation and sustainable management of regional water resources for industrial, agricultural, and municipal development in Alberta. 

  • Materials and Manufacturing

    • Applied Spectroscopy - Specializes in spectroscopic interpretation for industrial measurements facilitating uptake of leading-edge measurement techniques. 

    • Engineered Composites - Helps bring new Alberta fibre products to emerging markets.

    • Instrument Technical Services - Supports the Instrument Product Development and Engineering Program and external end users of our instruments.

    • Measurement Systems Engineering - Develops new-to-industry measurement systems for improved control, efficiency, and environmental performance.

  • Processing Technologies

    • Biomass Conversion and Processing - Increases the value of biofibre resources by extracting and and testing of higher-value materials.
    • Bio-Thermo-Chemical Processing - Has a background in biological based systems, process design, automation and system development and increases the value of low-value or waste materials through thermal and/or chemical processing.

    • Corrosion Engineering - Enhances the understanding of corrosion mitigation strategies.

    • Fermentation - De-risks biologically based processes by optimization, evaluation, and scale-up testing.

    • Fluid Systems Engineering - Improves the reliability of fluid transportation systems through the evaluation of wear and process mechanisms, assessment of novel materials, and development of appropriate qualification testing methods. 

    • Integrated Energy Systems - Improves process performance (increased energy efficiency and production output) while mitigating environmental impacts.

    • Surface Technologies - Improves oil sands surface processes including mining, tailings treatment, in-situ produced fluids treatment, and upgrading through process development and evaluation. 

    • Welding Engineering - Helps industry adopt the newest productivity-enhancing manual and automated welding technologies

  • Reservoir and Geosciences

    • Geosciences - Evaluates CO2 geological storage potential in Alberta, develops CO2-based enhanced oil recovery processes and pipeline leak-detection techniques, and performs environmental monitoring. 

    • Production Technology - Improves production operations in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), cyclic steam stimulation (CSS), and primary heavy oil recovery applications. 

    • Reservoir Engineering

      • Solvent Processes - Develops new solvent-injection-based in-situ recovery processes for heavy oil and bitumen.

      • Steam Processes - Improves steam-injection-based in-situ recovery processes for heavy oil and bitumen.

      • Hybrid Processes - Develops new in-situ recovery processes with co-injection of steam and solvent for heavy oil and bitumen.

      • Tight Oil and Water Flooding - Develops in-situ recovery processes for conventional heavy oil, tight oil, and shale gas.

  • History

    InnoTech Alberta was created 2016, as a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates, and built on the successes of the former Alberta Research Council.

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