Industrial Sensors Technologies

Theodore M. Garver, PhD

Program Lead
Applied Spectroscopy & Vision Systems Group


Ted Garver, PhD directs a team of AITF scientists and engineers in the invention and development of sensors and measurement systems for resource-based industries.

Dr. Garver has been involved in the invention, design, commercialization and application of novel instrumentation to measure and characterize solids, liquids, gases and heterogeneous systems since 1992.

He is the author of numerous patents and technical papers in the areas of instrumentation development, lignin chemistry, pulp bleaching and wet-end chemistry. Dr. Garver received his PhD in wood chemistry from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Garver’s technical expertise areas include:

  • Instrument development and design
  • Spectroscopic analysis of process, drinking and waste waters
  • Surface and colloid chemistry
  • Process improvement in water intensive industries
  • Process data analysis and process improvement
  • Biomass and pulp and paper chemistry
  • Instrumentation Reliability
  • Bitumen and Oil Sands Process Measurement

Recent projects related to new and improved spectroscopic measurement of oil sands ores, slurries and tailings.

Prior to joining AITF, Dr. Garver held an academic position at Lakehead University where he taught chemistry and maintained a research program with fundamental and applied focal points related to bleaching of mechanical pulps and wet-end chemistry.


Selected Publications and Reports

T. M. Garver, Paul Pastushak, Stuart Schroder. Laser Based Gas Measurements. Private Client. February 2013. 65 pages.

T. M. Garver, N. Luo, P. Pastushak and S. Schroeder. Characterization of the Optical and Spectroscopic Properties of Softwood TMP Fines in a Newsprint Operation as a Function of Particle Size. Part I. UV-visible Light Absorption and Scattering of Suspended Particles. ISWFPC. June 2013, Vancouver, BC.

T. M. Garver, Stuart Schroder. Measurement and Control of Nanocrystalline Cellulose Manufacturing. AITF Internal Document. 2013. 69 pages.

T. M. Garver, Stuart Schroder. Development of New and Improved Process Measurements for SAGD Water Processing. Absorbance, Emission and Scattering for Characterization of Dissolved and Colloidal Substances. Private Client. 2012. 111 pages.

M. Ricard, G. Dorris, Y. Ben, G. Smith and T. M Garver. Cleaning TMP White Waters by Column Flotation. J-FOR Journal of Science & Technology for Forest Products and Processes: VOL.2, NO.3, 2012. Pp 23-31.

T. M. Garver. Terpenes and Hemicellulose Bioproducts from a Thermo-Mechanical Pulp (TMP) Process. Private Client. 2011. 43 pages.

T. M. Garver. Measurement of Softwood Kraft Pitch Stability with Dispersant/Stabilizer Addition. Private Client. 2011. 7 pages.

T. M. Garver and H. Yuan. ATR-FTIR Measurement of Bitumen Extraction Processes. Internal AITF Report. 2012. 19 pages.

T. M. Garver. Utilization of MPB Killed Wood to Produce High Quality Newsprint. Alberta Newsprint. 2011. 40 pages.

T. M. Garver. Pitch Measurement and Control. Private Client - Kraft Mill. 2009. 31 pages.



December 2013

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